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Remote Ideas

So I’ve been thinking about how I want to control the Smart TV I’m designing. The problem with controlling a TV is that you sit pretty far away from it so you can’t use the usual ways of controlling a device such as touch or using a mouse. The other problem is that when you add a lot of features, you need to have a way to access all of them quickly and easily. For a smart TV, a typical remote won’t do. 

I’ve been trying to think of a way to solve this problem. I’ve researched some of the remotes that are currently available for Smart TVs and one of the best solutions I found was the one for the LG Smart TV: (there is a video about the remote they use)

An idea I was throwing around was the idea of using a trackpad like Apple’s Magic Trackpad:

Apple Magic Trackpad

This trackpad is very simple and modern and sleek, but still has a lot of functionality. I think that a trackpad could work as a good control for a Smart TV (there would be some kind of cursor on the screen). It would work via bluetooth so you could sit back with it. 

But the touchpad isn’t enough. You still need a way to type. I think that TVs right now that have a way for the user to type with some kind of keyboard are not designed well. As I explained in my previous post, the TiVo requires you to type using a matrix of letters and moving the cursor over letter by letter with arrow keys to select each letter. This process takes forever and just frustrates people. So I think that any Smart TV remote needs to have an easier way to type. TiVo must have realized how terrible this design was, because they actually added a slide out keyboard to one of their newer remotes: 

Tivo Slide Remote

These things led me to a final idea of combining the trackpad with a slide out keyboard to keep the remote simple, yet still have enough functionality. I’m not 100% sure if this is what I want to use though. I need to conduct a survey and do some research to find out if people think its easier to use a trackpad or to use a remote like the LG Smart TVs or the Wii remote (where the remote’s motion is sensed and used like a wand). 

Just wanted to give an update of what I was thinking! I’ve been thinking of other ideas for features that I will post soon as well. 

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